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The NAACP is still relevant and needed more than ever before. Become a part of the solution.
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Income Ratio- African American v Whites*


Wealth Ratio- African Americans v Whites*


Education Gap African Americans v Whites**


Rate of African Americans incarcerated for drug charges ***

Rep McCarter Hosts Annual Senior Fair

Annual Senior Fair  Cheltenham Area Branch NAACP participates and supports Pennsylvania State Representative Steve McCarter's Annual Senior Fairs at Reform Congregation Israel located at 8339 Old York Road in Elkins Part, PA 19027. The Senior Fairs are...

2017 NAACP Essay Competition Award Winners

The Cheltenham Area Branch of the NAACP winners of the 2017 NAACP Essay Competition held in April at the four individual high schools were Ms. Kennedy Clark, Cheltenham High School, Ms. Destini Bravo-Greene, Springfield Township High School, Ms. Yaminah Russell,...



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*Income of African Americans compared to that of Whites came to just below 60 percent ($35,400/$61,200).  Their wealth ratio is a lowly 10 percent ($17,600/$171,000) in comparison to Whites.  The ratios for Hispanics were very similar .   Source- Washington Post Article 2017

**Average test scores of black students are about two grade levels lower than those of white students in the same district.  The Hispanic-white difference is roughly one- and-a-half grade levels.  The disparity has little connection with class size, a district’s per capita student spending or charter school enrollment.   Research Data from Stanford University

***2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, shows African Americans and whites use illicit drugs at similar rates HOWEVER, the imprisonment rate of African Americans for drug charges is nearly six times that of whites.  NAACP Justice Fact Sheet

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