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Executive Board
Dr. Craig Browne Ed.D

Dr. William Taylor III
1st Vice President

Sandra Jenkins
2nd Vice President
Geraldine Brown
Education Comm.
Frederica D. Hale

Cynthia M. Green

Delores Turman
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"New" NAACP Garnformation contact
Cheltenham Branch Box 151
Wyncote, PA. 19095

215-576-8323 * 215-572-7510 fax cheltennaacp@comcast.net
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NAACP Legal Defense Fund Video
 Misplaced Priorities Briefing - Matt Cregor Remarks
Voting rights Act of 1965
Legal Redress Chairman: David Scott

The legal redress committee is comprised of members with nearly 75 years of combined service in Law, the Criminal Justice System and Law Enforcement.

A member of this committee meets with John Norris, Cheltenham Township Police Chief, on a regular basis, and members of the committee occasionally attend municipal court hearings to ensure that members of the community are being treated with fairness and respect. Representatives from the Police Departments of Cheltenham, Jenkintown, Springfield, Plymouth and Whitemarsh Townships, attend our general body meetings, in an effort to keep our membership informed on matters of mutual interest.

Your Complaint form: Although you may have contacted The NAACP Cheltenham Area Branch via email or by phone, your complaint has not been formally submitted. You must submit a formal complaint form (a form may be provided by the town the alleged infraction took place) to your local police department ASAP (30 days for most Jurisdictions). Also attach a copy of this complaint form to a memo stating your concerns and or complaint to your local NAACP Branch President and to the NAACP National legal department.

Your NAACP Legal Department appreciates your complaint. However, due to the volume of complaints received, the Legal Department may not be able to personally respond to each complaint it receives and your complaint does not create an attorney client relationship.

Submission of a complaint does not mean that the NAACP National legal department has accepted your case. You should consult an attorney regarding your case as soon as possible because there may be certain filing deadlines that must be adhered too in order to file a case in court.

You may also wish to visit the NAACP resource page, which contains contact information for various Federal and State agencies, civil rights advocacy groups that may be able to assist you. 

COMPLAINT FORM Click here (this form is not a legal document. It's designed to help you collect information and formulate information for later use)..  ...for word docx click here

NAACP resource page click here
Legal Department resourse contact numbers click here
Defend, Educate, Empower (LDF); see nav-bar to your right or click here
For additional information, contact your local Branch president

Dr. Craig C. Browne, President,
Cheltenham Area Branch
PO Box 151
Wyncote, PA. 19095

David Scot, Redress Chair
215-576-8323 * 215-572-7510 fax

The NAACP may provide contact information and assistance concerned citizens with common informational questions, but does not provide legal advice nor legal information via e-mail. For legal advice, you should consult a local attorney





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