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NAACP Cheltenham
Area Branch
Serving The Towns Of
•  Cheltenham
•  Springfield
•  Jenkintown
•  Plymouth Meeting
•  Whitemarsh Townships

Executive Board
Harvey L. Crudup

James Reynolds
1st V. President

David Scott
2nd V. President

Frederica D. Hale

Cynthia M. Green

Delores Turman


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for more information contact
Cheltenham Branch
PO Box 151
Wyncote, PA. 19095

215-576-8323 * 215-572-7510 fax

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Friendly Reminder: Deadline to Sign Up For Obamacare is March 31

The NAACP is committed to eliminating the racial and ethnic disparities in our health care system that plague people of color in the United States . African Americans continue to have the highest incidence, prevalence and mortality rates from chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. Additionally issues like HIV and infant mortality have continued to overwhelm the Black community. Systemic imbalances in the health care delivery system disproportionately affect African Americans and Latinas more than their White counterparts. See our website for the 7 major diseases that afflict African-Americans. We encourage people of all races to go to the Affordable Care website and sign up for health care.

The clock is ticking on the individual health insurance open enrollment period for 2014, which is scheduled to end on March 31, 2014 . If you   miss the deadline for   ObamaCare 's open enrollment  you won't be able sign up again until the next open enrollment  which starts November 15th, 2014 without qualifying for  a special enrollment period . This means that, if you haven't already done so, you have only until the end of March to obtain minimally adequate coverage for yourself and your dependents, either through your state health insurance exchange, directly from a private health insurer, or anywhere else you can get it.

You can apply for your new health insurance online, by phone, on paper, or in-person. There's a specific period when you can sign up for health insurance through the Marketplace , called open enrollment. If you live in Philadelphia , Bucks, Montgomery , Chester , or Delaware Counties , Call 1-855-668-9536. Philadelphia residents can also call the

Health Federation of Philadelphia (HFP) at 215-977-7255 for more information or to seek direct assistance from an HFP Navigator.

Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania (MHASP) has a team of navigators prepared to assist you in shopping for and enrolling in affordable health coverage that fits your life and fits your budget. For more information, contact Erik Soto at 267-507-3894. To set up an appointment with a Certified Application Counselor, call 215-763-8870 Ext 1300

If you would like help figuring out your insurance options use the phone and call 1-877-968-6720 or go directly to  your states marketplace  and talk to one of their dedicated navigators or brokers. The bottom line, do your self a favor and sign up.

See What Your New Insurance Gets You:
•  Free preventive care
•  Prescription coverage
•  Mental health services
•  Emergency services and hospitalizations
•  Maternity care
•  Infant care and children's care
•  Pre-existing Conditions - Insurance plans cannot deny insurance anymore
Watch the video on our website

For more information, you can also visit the federal government's ACA website at or 1-800-318-2596

click here for large view  MLK Day Panel Discussion on Mass Incarceration On January 20 th we celebrate the incredible life, legacy, and contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. NAACP staff, members, and supporters from across Cheltenham participated in a panel discussion exploring the topic of mass incarceration. The panel was moderated by criminal defense attorney Troy Wilson and included Angus Love, Director of the PA Institutional Law Project and Wayne Jacobs, Co-Founder of X-Offenders for Community Empowerment.
click here for large view Approximately 98 people attended the MLK Day Panel Discussion on Mass Incarceration and participated in the discussion. The panel discussion was sponsored by the Cheltenham Area Branch of the NAACP and the Jewish Social Policy Action Network (JSPAN) at Congregation Keneseth Israel (KI) in Elkins Park . For more on the story, visit Citizens' Call website and read the MLK article posted 1/23/14  .
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Youth - community intervention Presentations
Monday, September 16, 2013
  at the La Mott Community Cente

During a recent meeting with the Cheltenham Area Branch NAACP Board, Judge Chris Cerski, a member of the  Montgomery   County  and Montgomery County Racial Justice Task Force and Art Haywood, Chairman, Cheltenham Township Board of Commissioners, proposed a six-pronged youth community intervention approach for Montgomery County Pennsylvania including Cheltenham Township .

The program would include the following components:
1-Advocacy for schools to place kids in most rigorous classes and eliminate        artificial tracking barriers
2-Advocacy for schools to improve student discipline management, to adopt restorative practices and youth courts and to reduce referrals to police
3-Advocacy for police training on racial profiling
4-Increased individual and group mentoring of students for college/career readiness
5-Advocacy for systematically match students who need tutoring with tutoring
6-Increase parent training on how to get the most from our of schools

Judge Cerski and Commissioner Haywood made their presentations at the general body meeting of the Cheltenham Area Branch, NAACP on Monday, September 16, 2013   at the La Mott Community Center. Following the meeting, Herman Carter, the Scholarship Chair recommended that Judge Ceiski contact Mrs. Sandra Hollie. Mr. Carter indicated that Mrs. Hollie had the experience of developing and implementing a variety of school-based programs. Her team worked with school administrators and staff on starting school-based youth courts as an alternative disciplinary response. Her programs were designed in accordance with restorative justice principles. Mr. Carter indicated that Mrs. Hollie could help plan, implement, and evaluate a youth court program if implemented at Cheltenham High School .

A State Representative McCarter's First Senior Fair

Representative McCarter's first senior fair was held at Beth Sholom on Old York Road in Elkins Park on Monday September 30 th from 10:00 a.m. to noon . The Cheltenham NAACP Branch and 74 other community exhibitors including state and local agencies and healthcare providers were there to provide information and answer questions. The free event provided seniors with educational materials and literature on the issues that were important to them. The event was well attended.

Seniors who stopped by the NAACP exhibit had a chance to see a video about the history of the NAACP, received information about the goals and objectives of the organization. They also received a list of committees they could join. Approximately 22 seniors requested membership applications and signed up to be on the NAACP mailing list. If you are a senior or know a senior or know someone that knows a senior or will be a senior someday, make sure that you join us next year. Your participation is very important. For more information see the video

Cheltenham NAACP Supports Landlord Voter Registration

On Sunday November 10, 2013, Commissioner Art Haywood asked Harvey Crudup, President of the Cheltenham NAACP, if the branch would support municipal actions to

1) require landlords to provide voter registration forms to new tenants and

2) make the general election day a holiday in Cheltenham? President Crudup asked the membership to vote on the request during their general body meeting held on November 18 , 2013. The membership agreed to support Landlord Voter Registration.

read more click here

In Memorial of our friend and supporter.
E. Steven Collins.

The Cheltenham Area Branch of the NAACP sends their deepest sympathy to the family of our friend and supporter, Philadelphia radio veteran, E. Steven Collins.

Mr. Collins, 59, died September 8, 2013 of an apparent heart attack. He most recently hosted our 2013 Freedom Fund Awards Dinner; he also hosted a public affairs show, "Philly speaks," on Radio One, Urban Oldies WRNB (Old School 100.3) and served as the radio One Cluster's director of urban marketing and external relations for the past 11 years. more click here

Mr. Collins was a long time member of the Cheltenham Area NAACP and hosted our Freedom Fund Awards Dinners since 2005.

He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

In sympathy
The Cheltenham Area Branch of the NAACP

Daylin Leach Keynote Speaker for the Cheltenham Area NAACP Awards Dinner, June 15, 2013.

The Cheltenham Area Branch of the NAACP held its 13th Annual Freedom Fund Awards Dinner on Saturday, June 15. PA State Senator Daylin Leach, a veteran PA legislator known for his pungent punch lines who is running for congress in the 13th Congressional district, was the keynote speaker.

Cheltenham NAACP Annual Freedom Fund, Adwards and Scholarship Dinner, June 15, 2013 . Cheltenham NAACP Awarded Four Scholarships to Graduating Seniors from Springfield , Plymouth Whitemarsh, Cheltenham , and Jenkintown High Schools

The Cheltenham Area Branch of the NAACP which serves Cheltenham, Jenkintown, Springfield, and Plymouth Meeting and Whitemarsh Townships, gave four $500 scholarships to local high school students as a result of an essay competition. The students were winners of the 2013 NAACP Essay Competition held in April at Plymouth Whitemarsh, Springfield , Cheltenham , and Jenkintown High Schools and represented the graduating class of 2013. Funds for the scholarships were acquired through donations to the NAACP 2013 Scholarship Fund Raising Drive. The recipients were (1 to r) Maya Thomas from Plymouth Whitemarsh High School, Alexis Gbemudu from Springfield High School, Aaron Philip Heath from Cheltenham High School, and Julian Martin from Jenkin town High School. click here for large view

In addition to the monetary awards, students received Certificates of Congratulations from their respective state senator, Daylin Leach, Vincent Hughes, and LeAnna M. Washington.

The awards were presented to the students during the 13th Annual Freedom Fund Awards Dinner at the Flourtown Country Club, hosted by Radio One executive and longtime on-air personality E. Steven Collins. Additionally, Dr.Crystal M. Clark, Ed.D, principal of Wyncote Elementary School , in the Cheltenham Township School District . Dr. Clark received the Educational School Award. or call: 215-576-8323. The Cheltenham Area NAACP General Body Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:30 pm at the LaMott Community Center Auditorium located at Willow and Sycamore Avenues, LaMott, PA. 19027. All are welcome.

We would like to thank our many supporters and sponsors for supporting our 2013 annual Freedom Fund Adwards and Scholarship Dinner. see sponsors click here


Personal Journey to Liberia
By David “Flomo” Scott
February 12, 2013 Our plane landed in the Republic of Liberia on September 30, 2012 after a long 11 hour international flight from New York's JFK Airport. While collecting my thoughts and digesting the fact that I finally made it to “Mother Africa,” I saw other passengers rising out of their seats to take pictures of a distinguished appearing woman walking up the aisle dressed in colorful African attire who had boarded our plane. I immediately recognized Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, a recipient of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize and the first elected female to head an African nation. This was the beginning of my first trip to Africa and an experience I'll never forget. Carter G. Woodson, the father of African-American history wrote, “People cannot determine their future, if they are ignorant of their past.” As an African American and a descendant of enslaved people, I decided to discover my “roots” several years ago.

August 2007, I ordered an African Ancestry DNA kit online for $175. The DNA analysis revealed my family shares ancestry on my mother's paternal side with the Kpelle people of Liberia and the Djola people of Guinea Bissau. In fact, DNA analysis also indicated Oprah Winfrey shares ancestry with the Kpelle. Further DNA test determined I also share ancestry with the Akan People of Ghana, the Bini People of Nigeria as well as the Hausa People of Nigeria. read more click here ... Pictures click here

Cheltenham Area Branch celebrated Martin Lut her King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech, August 28, 2013,
which he gave on August 28, 1963, 50yrs ago during the March on Washington for Jobs and civil-rights at the Lincoln Memorial

Who Am I? Who Says So?

The Cheltenham Area NAACP had its first free community seminar on racial identity on Monday, August 19, 2013 . The inter-generational series was coordinated by Dr. Adrienne Redd, creator of the Sociology of Whiteness   course at Arcadia University . The community seminar was well received as indicated by the good turnout and audience participation.

As a result of the meeting, a subcommittee was formed to provide input into and support for a dual enrollment course ( Arcadia University and Cheltenham High School ) on racial identity development and to conceptualize an ongoing complementary community program on race relations. The subcommittee's first meeting was held on August 29 th and there was a brief follow-up at the September 16 th   general body meeting regarding the progress of the sub-committee. The committee is still seeking community input. The committee plans to facilitate an inter-generational discussion after the showing of the film “The Help”.


Cheltenham Area Branch NAACP meets with The American Revolution Center and the African American Museum of Philadelphia staffs

The Cheltenham Area Branch NAACP initiated contact with the Mr. Thomas M. Daly, President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Revolution Center (ARC) May, 2004 in an effort to ensure exhibits and collections representing African American contributions were being planned for the $100 million dollar facility.

The ARC was initially scheduled to be constructed in Valley Forge , Montgomery County , PA where it was anticipated to attract nearly a million visitors a year and create almost 1000 jobs.

The NAACP also sought to ensure African-Americans were represented on the Board of Trustees. Since our initial inquiry, nearly a decade ago, the ARC still has not appointed one African-American to the 17 member board. Requests to review the board charter that details how members are selected and what their responsibilities are has not been answered. read more click here

Cheltenham NAACP Officers Installed
Cheltenham NAACP officers took their oath of office during their December 17 th meeting held at the LaMott Community Center Auditorium located at Willow and Sycamore Avenues, LaMott , PA. 19027 . Art Haywood, President of the Cheltenham Township Board of Commissioners gave the installation

Oath of Office to the newly elected Cheltenham Area Branch NAACP Officers and Committee Chairpersons. The inductees were (l to r) Art Haywood, Frederica D. Hale, Harvey L. Crudup, James Reynolds, Cynthia M. Green, Herman Carter, David Scott, and Bonnie Johns.

The Cheltenham Area Branch NAACP 13th Annual Freedom Fund Awards Dinner, Saturday, June 15, 2013 Flourtown Country Club, 150 McCloskey Road, Flourtown, PA, 19031 Reception: 6:00 PM Dinner/Program: 7:00 PM

We continued our second decade of serving the community, we are pleased to announce that four (4) - $500.00 scholarships was awarded to students from our area. Additionally, we salute a number of individuals for their generousty and devotion to the community and unwavering support of the tenets promulgated by the NAACP.

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